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Good Bye from Dirk's Guitar Page!

As you all will have noticed, these pages have not been supported or maintenanced by me for the last ten years or so. The time to keep it up I was no longer willing and able to afford. I just left it online, because I knew that many of you could make good use of what was here allready.

Now German law forces me to upload the whole collection of music (496 pieces in Total) form these pages to the German National Library. - No problem so far. -
The webform offered to upload does not accept my zip-file of the music, so I am forced do upload the files manually, one by one, all 496 of them.

So I decided that it ends here and now.

I thank you all for vistiting my pages. I have receoived loads of positive feedback. The most important mails and postcard for me allways were those, whenn people told me the y started oder restarted playing guitar after they found this resource of music to start with. Hey - it gives me thh feeling I made a difference at all"

You will find great parts of the music from my pages on sites that have simply stolen it, so just go on and search a little.

All the best to you all.