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These transcriptions were tabbed with TablEdit for my personal study and playing. You are not allowed to use the pieces for any commercial purposes. You can get a free newsletter to be informed whenever I place new music on these pages. If you like the music you downloded here for free, appreciate the work I put into this site and would like to do me something good, just send me a postcard.

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Anonym / N.N.

Chanson Douce Download TEF-file   Like the name says (in French): a soft tune. Lovely.  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Christiansen, Mike

Dreamcatcher Download TEF-file   Slow and calm piece, as the name says just right for a litle dreaming.  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Dyens, Roland (b.1955- Tunisia-France)

Guillaume Download TEF-file   On of the easier ones from this virtuoso on the classical guitar.  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file


Kris Download TEF-file   Short theme, fun to play an kind of classical  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Foster, Steven, (USA)

Beautiful Dreamer Download TEF-file   Short but beautuiful theme. Thanks to all of you who told me it´s by Steven Foster!  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Ilyin, Sergey

Christmas Download TEF-file   More than a just a christmas song. Quite beautuful.  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Kreidler, Dieter / Kamjunke, Udo

Salida Del Sol Download TEF-file   This one is not as hard as it sounds good. Beginners - give it a try.  Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Marchelie, E.

The following pieces seem to be part of a play accompanied by short guitar pieces. Short but very beautiful melodies!
Danse des Lutins Download TEF-file    Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file
En chantant des vieux Airs Download TEF-file    Play/download MIDI-file Download PDF-file

Moria, Paul. (1922- , France)

Toccata Download TEF-file   I don´t know the composer nor can I tell the age of this piece, but it is very beautiful.  (?Toccata)  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

Myers, Stanley (1934-1993 UK)

Cavatina Download TEF-file   The famous and very beautiful theme from the film "The Deer-Hunter". I regret I can´t play it half right. (?Cavatina)  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file
Portrait Download TEF-file   As beautiful as Cavatina, less known but easier to play.  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

Putil, Mark

Canción Para Clara Download TEF-file   Short an very nice melodie, quite interesting to play.  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

Smirnov, Yuri Alekseevic (1935- Russia)

Romance Download TEF-file   Romantic piece by Russian author.  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file
Mazurka Download TEF-file   This one has a more latin than slavonian touch.  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

Wardrop, Graham

Baroque Again Download TEF-file   Also not really a classical piece. I didn´t know the piece nor the author but found an ASCII tab and liked it a lot. Would like to hear a recording of it.  Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

Williams, Mason

Classical Gas Download TEF-file   Some say the best "classical" piece ever.     Play/download MIDI-file  Download PDF-file

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Help me grade the music on this page for the benefit of many guitar players! If you know or can tell in what grade (grades 1 to 8 corresponding to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) a piece would fall please let me know and e-mail me.

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